A Report on Non-Ionizing Radiation

EMF/EMR Meters


Please note that Microwave News does not test meters. The information below was provided by the companies.

Company      Meter, Field Type & Frequency Range
M=magnetic (50/60 Hz)
EMC Test Design
PO Box 600532
Newton, MA 02460

Application Engineer
(508) 292-1833

Smart Fieldmeter ®
Portable design with detachable probe and tripod mounting.
Kit price: $3,300.00-$4,600.00

Smart Fieldmeter ® Digital
Meter supports multiple probes both current and future. Flexible state of the art design, data logging, auto ranging and serial wired/wireless PC link with IR remote control. (Kit price: $5,200-$6,500).For both Smart Fieldmeters ® Parameters: 0.2-800 V/m, 50 kHz-18 GHz and cover most requirements of safety, industrial & military RF immunity standards. Four models of isotropic (3-axes) probes are available. All broadband kits include Field Gauge ® for quick performance check in the field. Calibration NIST/UK NPL traceable. Good for regulatory RF field surveys, immunity testing and safety monitoring, as well as EMC assessment.
Omnifield Antenna ®
A unique broadband active isotropic (3-axis) antenna for RF spectrum monitoring. Connects to any spectrum analyzer and has frequency response independent of antenna orientation. High sensitivity and broad dynamic range for the variety of RF regulatory, safety, wireless and telecommunications applications. Parameters: 3mV/m,-300 V/m, 30 MHz - 3 GHz. Portable design with detachable power unit.
Kit price $3,800.

Magnetic Sciences
367 Arlington St.
Acton, MA 01720

Paul Elliot
(800) 749-9873
(978) 266-9355
Fax: (206) 338-2242

Triaxial Gaussmeter F.W. Bell-4180
30 Hz-2,000 Hz; 3-axis) Easy-to-use, accurate meter. Does not need to be rotated since it measures 3 axes simultaneously. 2% basic accuracy. Digital display showing Gauss or Tesla units, with resolution of 0.1 mG or 0.01μT; x-, y- or z-axis, plus 3-axis vector summation. Min/Max hold. True rms reading. Selectable relative mode. Rental available.

(M: 25 Hz-3,000 Hz) Accurate meter with detachable single-axis sensor. 0.1 mG resolution. Can measure AC field as high as 50 Gauss (50,000 mG). Rental available.

(M: 15 Hz-2,000 Hz) Easy-to-use compact gaussmeter. Measures from 0.2 to 20.0 mG. High quality, accurate meter with two-year warranty. Readout shown using column of LED lights.

PF5 AC to VLF Meter
: 20 Hz-50 kHz) Newest single-axis meter measures magnetic and electric fields to over 50 kHz frequency. This huge bandwidth enables the PF5 to show EMFs from induction cookers, solar-panel inverters, compact fluorescent (CFL) lamps and some LED lights. The PF5 is accurate, easy to use and pocket size.

M-Field Sensor (sold separately)
: 5 Hz-1 MHz)

E-Field Sensor (sold separately)

RF Meter Acoustimeter AM-10
150 MHz-10 GHz) Digital RF field strength and average power density meter. True time averaging for accuracy. Rental available. 2-year warranty.

Safe Living Technologies Inc.
7 Clair Rd W,
PO Box 27051
Guelph, ON, N1L 0A0

Rob Metzinger
(519) 240-8735

EMF Meters

ME3030B by Gigahertz Solutions
Digital, 1-Axis, Personal Meter (16 Hz-2 kHz, M & E, 2% error)

ME3830B by Gigahertz Solutions
Digital, 1-Axis, Personal Meter (16 Hz -100 kHz, M & E, 2% error)

ME3851A by Gigahertz Solutions
Digital, 1-Axis, Data Output, Frequency Filters, Professional Meter (5 Hz-100 kHz, M & E 2% error)

NFA1000 by Gigahertz Solutions
Digital, 3-Axis, Data Output, Frequency Filters, Data Logging, Professional Meter (5 Hz-1 MHz, M & E 2% error)

RF Meters

Accoustimeter AM-10 by EMFields
Digital RF Field Strength/Power Density Meter (200 MHz-8 GHz, ±6 dB)

HF35C by Gigahertz Solutions
Digital RF Field Strength/Power Density Meter (800 MHz-2.5 GHz, ±6 dB)

HFE35C by Gigahertz Solutions
Digital, Intermediate, RF Field Strength/Power Density Meter (27 MHz-3.3 GHz, ±6 dB)

HFW35C by Gigahertz Solutions
6 GHz Digital, Intermediate, RF Field Strength/Power Density Meter (2.4 GHz-6 GHz, ±4.5 dB)

HFW59D Plus by Gigahertz Solutions
10 GHz Digital, Professional, RF Field Strength/Power Density Meter (2.4 GHz-10 GHz, ±6 dB)

HFE59B by Gigahertz Solutions
Digital, Professional, Data Output, RF Field Strength/Power Density Meter (27 MHz-3.3 GHz ±3 dB)

EMF/RF Meter Kits

MK20 by Gigahertz Solutions
Digital Personal, EMF and RF Meter Kit
Contains the HF35C and ME3830B)

MK70-3D by Gigahertz Solutions
Digital Professional, EMF and RF Meter Kit
Contains the HFE59B and NFA1000)


Technology Alternatives
1950 NE 208 Terrace
Miami, FL 33179

George Lechter
(800) 222-3003
(305) 933-2026
Fax: (305) 933-8858


0-5 milligauss, 0-50 milligauss w/probe M, RF)