A Report on Non-Ionizing Radiation

RF Literature Reviews with Different Views

Opposing Outlooks

October 18, 2004

Members of each of the teams that have reported links between mobile phones and acoustic neuromas have recently published reviews of the RF epidemiological literature.

Lennart Hardell and Kjell Hansson Mild of Örebro University, who were the first to report this association a couple of years ago, have written a detailed analysis, “ Mobile Telephones and Cancer —A Review of Epidemiological Evidence” in the Journal of Toxicology and Environment Health, Part B. Michael Kundi of the University of Vienna is the lead author of this paper and Mats-Olof Mattson of Örebro University is the fourth contributor.

The standing committee on epidemiology of the ICNIRP, which is chaired by Dr. Anders Ahlbom of Sweden’s Karolinska Institute has written its own review, “Epidemiology of Health Effects of RF Exposure,” which will appear in a future issue of Environmental Health Perspectives. The full text of the paper is available at no charge, One of the coauthors of this review is David Savitz of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, who wrote the commentary that accompanied Ahlbom and Maria Feychting’s paper on acoustic neuromas which made headlines last week. See our October 12 post. The other members of the ICNIRP committee are Adele Green of the Queensland Institute of Medical Research in Brisbane, Australia, Leeka Khefiets of UCLA and formerly with the WHO EMF project and EPRI and Tony Swerdlow of the UK Institute of Cancer Research in Surrey. Both Ahlbom and Swerdlow are members of ICNIRP.