A Report on Non-Ionizing Radiation

EMF/EMR Meters


Please note that Microwave News does not test meters. The information below was provided by the companies.

Company      Meter, Field Type & Frequency Range
M=magnetic (50/60 Hz)
EMC Test Design
PO Box 600532
Newton, MA 02460

Application Engineer
(508) 292-1833

Smart Fieldmeter® and Smart Fieldmeter® Digital Meters, which support multiple RF isotropic probes.
Broadband probes 0.1 MHz – 40 GHz,
0.2 – 1400 V/m,  and frequency-shaped probes
0.1 MHz – 8 GHz, 0.5-1000% of STD value for FCC and ICNIRP RF safety standards.
Meter prices: $1,400-$3,200.
Probe prices: $1,500-$3,800.

Omnifield Antenna® (OFA)
A unique broadband active isotropic (3-axis) antenna for selective RF spectrum monitoring.
OFA-G Band: 30 MHz – 6 GHz, 0.5 mV/m – 50 V/m.
Operates with any spectrum analyzer and has frequency response independent of antenna orientation. High sensitivity and broad dynamic range for a variety of RF regulatory, safety, wireless and telecommunications applications.

Price $3,300.

Magnetic Sciences
367 Arlington St.
Acton, MA 01720

Paul Elliot
(800) 749-9873
(978) 266-9355
Fax: (206) 338-2242

Triaxial Gaussmeter F.W. Bell-4180
30 Hz-2,000 Hz; 3-axis) Easy-to-use, accurate meter. Does not need to be rotated since it measures 3 axes simultaneously. 2% basic accuracy. Digital display showing Gauss or Tesla units, with resolution of 0.1 mG or 0.01μT; x-, y- or z-axis, plus 3-axis vector summation. Min/Max hold. True rms reading. Selectable relative mode. Rental available.

(M: 25 Hz-3,000 Hz) Accurate meter with detachable single-axis sensor. 0.1 mG resolution. Can measure AC field as high as 50 Gauss (50,000 mG). Rental available.

(M: 15 Hz-2,000 Hz) Easy-to-use compact gaussmeter. Measures from 0.2 to 20.0 mG. High quality, accurate meter with two-year warranty. Readout shown using column of LED lights.

PF5 AC to VLF Meter
: 20 Hz-50 kHz) Newest single-axis meter measures magnetic and electric fields to over 50 kHz frequency. This huge bandwidth enables the PF5 to show EMFs from induction cookers, solar-panel inverters, compact fluorescent (CFL) lamps and some LED lights. The PF5 is accurate, easy to use and pocket size.

M-Field Sensor (sold separately)
: 5 Hz-1 MHz)

E-Field Sensor (sold separately)

RF Meter Acoustimeter AM-10
150 MHz-10 GHz) Digital RF field strength and average power density meter. True time averaging for accuracy. Rental available. 2-year warranty.

Safe Living Technologies Inc.
7 Clair Rd W,
PO Box 27051
Guelph, ON, N1L 0A0

Rob Metzinger
(519) 240-8735

EMF Meters

ME3030B by Gigahertz Solutions
Digital, 1-Axis, Personal Meter (16 Hz-2 kHz, M & E, 2% error)

ME3830B by Gigahertz Solutions
Digital, 1-Axis, Personal Meter (16 Hz -100 kHz, M & E, 2% error)

ME3851A by Gigahertz Solutions
Digital, 1-Axis, Data Output, Frequency Filters, Professional Meter (5 Hz-100 kHz, M & E 2% error)

NFA1000 by Gigahertz Solutions
Digital, 3-Axis, Data Output, Frequency Filters, Data Logging, Professional Meter (5 Hz-1 MHz, M & E 2% error)

RF Meters

Accoustimeter AM-10 by EMFields
Digital RF Field Strength/Power Density Meter (200 MHz-8 GHz, ±6 dB)

HF35C by Gigahertz Solutions
Digital RF Field Strength/Power Density Meter (800 MHz-2.5 GHz, ±6 dB)

HFE35C by Gigahertz Solutions
Digital, Intermediate, RF Field Strength/Power Density Meter (27 MHz-3.3 GHz, ±6 dB)

HFW35C by Gigahertz Solutions
6 GHz Digital, Intermediate, RF Field Strength/Power Density Meter (2.4 GHz-6 GHz, ±4.5 dB)

HFW59D Plus by Gigahertz Solutions
10 GHz Digital, Professional, RF Field Strength/Power Density Meter (2.4 GHz-10 GHz, ±6 dB)

HFE59B by Gigahertz Solutions
Digital, Professional, Data Output, RF Field Strength/Power Density Meter (27 MHz-3.3 GHz ±3 dB)

EMF/RF Meter Kits

MK20 by Gigahertz Solutions
Digital Personal, EMF and RF Meter Kit
Contains the HF35C and ME3830B)

MK70-3D by Gigahertz Solutions
Digital Professional, EMF and RF Meter Kit
Contains the HFE59B and NFA1000)