A Report on Non-Ionizing Radiation

EPRI/NIEHS Story Has Legs

September 13, 2008

A number of mainstream newspapers, including the Wall Street Journal and the Seattle Post Intelligencer, have picked up the NIEHS–EPRI story on their Web sites (see our September 5 post). The PI's Andrew Schneider reports that some at NIEHS are "outraged" by the tie-in with EPRI. "I know we are having budget problems like the rest of the government research labs, but to sell out integrity for a few hundred thousand dollars of industry money means we should hang a large red light over the door and just admit what we are," one staffer told him. … We grossly underestimated the cost of some EPRI reports in our last post. Today EPRI sent us an announcement for Overview of Personal Radiofrequency Communication Technologies, a primer on RFID, WiFi, WLAN, WiMax and cell and cordless phones as well as much else. The price: $25,000.