A Report on Non-Ionizing Radiation

“Men’s Health” on Cell Phone Risks

April 14, 2010

Men's Health has gotten into the act too. The May issue offers its take on cell phone radiation health risks with "Is Your Life on the Line?" by Paul Scott. He covers much of the same ground as Nathaniel Rich in Harper's —except his is shorter. Like Rich, Scott begins with the story of Lloyd Morgan, a brain tumor survivor and cell phone activist, who, Scott says, "has made it his mission to spread the message that cell phone radiation is carcinogenic."

Scott leans towards believing that there may well be a brain tumor risk, but tries to stick to the center. His editors, on the other hand, are playing both sides. In a separate post, Men's Health lists the question as a phony health scare. That verdict is based on the opinion of John Moulder, who has long served as an industry consultant (see "Radiation Research and the Cult of Negative Studies").

Unlike Harper's, Men's Health gives Internet readers free access; Harper's wants you to subscribe first.