A Report on Non-Ionizing Radiation

More from Lai-Singh on ELF EMFs and DNA Breaks

January 27, 2004

Environmental Health Perspectives will publish  a new paper by Henry Lai and N.P. Singh showing that a 24-hour exposure to 100 mG ELF EMFs can lead to significant increases in single- and double-strand DNA breaks.

The two University of Washington, Seattle, researchers found even larger increases following a 48-hour exposure, leading them to conclude that the effect is cumulative. They also offer a hypothesis to explain what is going on. The peer-reviewed paper is available now online at no cost.

Lai and Singh first reported that 60 Hz EMFs could damage DNA in 1995 (see MWN, N/D95, p.2). Since then, a number of other labs in Europe and in India have reported similar findings (see MWN, N/D98, p.9 and M/J00, p.12). And even more recently, two of the participants of the EC’s REFLEX project have also seen similar genotoxic effects (see MWN, S/O02, p.2).