A Report on Non-Ionizing Radiation

Albert Manville: Microwave News Article Archive (2004 - )

March 6, 2024

“Health and Environmental Effects to Wildlife from Radio Telemetry and Tracking Devices—State of the Science and Best Management Practices,” Frontiers in Veterinary Sciences, March 6, 2024. By Albert Manville, Blake Levitt and Henry Lai. Open access. “We need to seriously question if the continued use of radio tracking devices, gear, and technologies are worth their impacts on the species whose populations we supposedly are trying to protect and maintain.”

September 27, 2021

A detailed examination —likely the most exhaustive ever attempted— of the environmental effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation has been published in Reviews on Environmental Health.

“Effects of Non-Ionizing Electromagnetic Fields on Flora and Fauna” is in three parts, the last of which was posted today.

Taken together, the three papers run over 200 pages in the journal and include more 1,000 references.

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