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Repacholi: Half of WHO EMF Project Funding Came from Industry

July 30, 2007

Mike Repacholi has now revealed that up to half of the funds raised for his EMF Project came from industry. This admission comes in an interview with Resource Strategies Inc. in an effort, he states, to “set the record straight.” Repacholi is circulating the text of the interview far and wide because, he says, he wants “the truth about WHO” to be known.

While Repacholi has acknowledged in the past that he raised funds from industry, the extent of the industry support is much greater than anyone has previously suspected. Repacholi has never disclosed how much money he received and from whom. He insists that the EMF Project was not “influenced by industry.” (For more on Repacholi’s relationship to industry, see WHO Watch.)

Repacholi stepped down as the director of WHO’s EMF Project last year. Some activists have openly speculated that he was forced out by senior WHO managers because of his ties to industry, but these allegations have never been substantiated. Repacholi has repeatedly stated that he left on reaching WHO’s mandatory retirement age.

In an e-mail to one activist, which was forwarded to Microwave News, Repacholi touts the interview as an example of “where the press finally got it right.” Resource Strategies, however, can hardly be considered "the press" in the usual meaning of the term. Resource Strategies is a corporate consulting firm that prepares briefing papers for clients, which are almost exclusively in the wireless and electric utility businesses. Among them are EPRI, FGF, GSM Association and MMF. All of these industry groups supported the EMF Project during Repacholi’s tenure. And to bring it all full circle, the WHO is also on Resource Strategies’ client list.